Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Boston's Run to Remember

Over the Memorial Day weekend Claud's, the kids and me travelled up to Boston to spend time with friends and run the Boston Run to Remember, a half marathon through the center of Boston run to honor Police killed on duty in Boston. 

This years run was especially emotional following the Boston Marathon bombings and we were very fortunate to get a place and happy to run. 

Unfortunately my one month run of poor health continued and I was laid down by stomach "issues" for a few days. But the issues did let up for a few hours and allowed me to run the race before coming back with a vengeance. 

The race route was great, going through Boston's downtown and then out along the Charles River before doubling back, threading through the back bay, around the Boston Common and then back to the start line at the World Trade Center. 

Weather was a bit rough, cold and rainy. My alarm didn't go off in the morning either! So everything was stacking up for a rough day...

We got to the start line a little late and so were not able to get up front, which meant we were stuck in slow traffic for the first 5 miles. Narrow streets made for no passing. In the  end we ran 1:55' a negative split which was great, but not a wonderful overall time. We ran together the whole route which I really enjoyed. Claud's is becoming a strong runner and I am looking forward to running the NYC marathon with her in November. 

Best moment of the race was high 5'ing police officers outside the MIT Police station, they had all pulled out their squad cars and were lining the streets to greet the runners. The policeman killed by the marathon bombers was stationed at this police station and so was a great way to pay tribute to him. 

Some photos from the race and the Boston Marathon bombing sidewalk memorial.

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