Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 snap shot

great year in 2012, fastest 5k and half marathon as well as doing sub 4 in my first marathon.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kiawah Island Marathon 2012 by gavolino at Garmin Connect - Details

Here is the link to my first full marathon run at Kiawah Island a few weeks ago. My goal was to break 4 hours, i wasnt so sure about achieving that after the turmoil following hurricane Sandy here in New York and the disruption to my training plans. But looks like the foundation that i put down while training for new york really paid off and i got to the finish line in 3:53:55

Kiawah Island Marathon 2012 by gavolino at Garmin Connect - Details
So this is my first ever blog post, a good way to finish 2012 and get ready for 2013....

Sitting here contemplating next year, it will be interesting to reflect back in 365 days time to see if I achieved my goals for the year. Following some crazy events this past year and the looming 40th birthday I decided to really challenge myself and see what I could accomplish physically.

Once i figure out how this blog works i'll post up a note i wrote a few months ago explaining why i decided to do this all and the events leading up to it.

The ultimate goal for the year is the Ironman race in Mont Tremblant, Quebec on August 18th.

My planned races for the year are:

New York City Half, March 17th, just heard I got in on the lottery.... :)

Bassman Half Ironman, May 5th, somewhere in PA

Gran Fondo New York, 110 mile ride starting at the George Washington Bridge, May 19th 

I have to find another 110 miler to do before August, so look out for updates there.

Then, the big one on August 18th.....

And then to cap off the year, run the New York City Marathon in November after being disappointed by the 2012 cancellation

Ironman Finish Line - Go to clock time 13:16:19 to see me finish