Thursday, March 28, 2013

6 miler in Savannah

Back in Savannah, GA today. Got up with the rising sun and caught the sunrise down by the river while doing a slow and steady 6 miler. Ran up into the old historic section and did a few laps around Forsyth Park. This is really a beautiful city with wonderful people. Always enjoy coming down.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

New York 13.1

Ran the New York 13.1 Marathon today with Claud's and Keith.

This was Claud's first half marathon in more than 15 years. Her goal was to break 2 hours and I was just going to pace her in. Keith ran with us too and we all huddled at the start in freezing conditions (again!).

Claud's took off like a rocket and was clocking 8:30 miles from the start. I was actually struggling to keep up with her on my weary legs following last weekend s run.

My only useful part was in the last 3 miles where Claud's felt the pain of 10 miles at pace and I was able to keep her pace up through the last 3.

End result was a 1:52 run. So proud of her !!

2 weary bodies hitting the sack tonight.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March Training Update

i just figured out how to take a screen shot on my imac, so maybe this will mean a few more frequent updates.

March has been a huge training and race month so far. The first 2 weeks had close to 150 miles each, distances I was surprised to be hitting so early on in the year but i am feeling very comfortable and obviously fit now too!

My swimming has come along well, i feel that i can start to hold my own a little in the fast lane at the ymca and dont have to leave the pool utterly humiliated having been passed several times.

Have also done a lot of indoor miles on the bike, the weather is starting to turn now and i hope to do a long outdoor ride on Sunday - around 50 miles.

2 work trips in the middle of all of this.... 

One to Cologne in Germany

 which was perfect for the taper before running the NYC Half marathon this past Sunday.

And then on to Orlando earlier this week where I took it very easy and did just one run. Back in the saddle tonight at spinning and will be out early tomorrow am for a long run.

Some news on the NYC Half Marathon:
Really great race, well organised and a fantastic route around Central Park, through Time Square and then down the West Side Highway to Wall Street. 

On top of the great route and excellent organisation I ran a PB of 1:42:20 which I wasnt expecting and am super happy about. 

In the picture below of times square, the guy running in the white singlet in front of me turned out to be from Pretoria Boys High, we chatted and ran together for about 7 miles and pushed each other along. 

Well thats probably enough for one night, time to get some sleep and let the training regimen resume in the morning with a 1:20 run :)


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Little Cow Harbor 4 Mile Race

First race of the year and so good to get outside.

Managed to do my best pace ever, and came 6th in my agree group, 66th overall (about 550 runners in total) - so my best result ever as well. Not too shabby! Especially considering this was the end of a 130+ mile week.

I turned my heart rate alarm off and just ran at threshold pace the whole way.

A whole bunch of us from Team Peep ran (Teem Peep is the YMCA Triathlon team that I have been training with for a few months now) which was a lot of fun.

Little Cow Harbor by gavolino at Garmin Connect - Details

Ironman Finish Line - Go to clock time 13:16:19 to see me finish