Saturday, March 23, 2013

New York 13.1

Ran the New York 13.1 Marathon today with Claud's and Keith.

This was Claud's first half marathon in more than 15 years. Her goal was to break 2 hours and I was just going to pace her in. Keith ran with us too and we all huddled at the start in freezing conditions (again!).

Claud's took off like a rocket and was clocking 8:30 miles from the start. I was actually struggling to keep up with her on my weary legs following last weekend s run.

My only useful part was in the last 3 miles where Claud's felt the pain of 10 miles at pace and I was able to keep her pace up through the last 3.

End result was a 1:52 run. So proud of her !!

2 weary bodies hitting the sack tonight.

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