Sunday, April 28, 2013

Thoughts a week before Bassman Half Ironman

Wrapping up my training in April and thinking of my race next weekend, I feel pretty calm that I am ready but also anxious about what the day will hold.

The last 2 weeks of training have been low volume but higher intensity, focussing on speed rather than endurance. It has been a lot of fun to ignore the heart rate monitor and just go flat out on the rides and runs.

I have tried to practice transitions as much as possible, although kids and other things seem to often slow things down there as well...

This coming week is a taper week. No doubt my anxiety levels will rise as I am not training as much and I am sure will start to get anxious as the day draws closer.

Bike is ready with new tubes and new tires. Swim is expected to be cold, so definitely a wetsuit session plus probably a hoodie to stop brain freeze. Biggest challenge is probably to stay warm, esp on the bike. I am a little undecided on how to handle. Will think this through closer to the race day.

So wish me luck and next post will follow the race :)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

March training wrap up

A little late again.. anyway here is what the full month of March looked like.

A couple of great weeks over 10 hours each, 2 half marathons in there too.

Completely hitting my stride at the end of the month, ending off the last 2 weeks with 50+ mile rides each.

So leaving March and climbing into April. Unfortunately things didnt hold as well as hoped.

First week saw us in Disney World with the kids, so no riding and just focussing on running (60 miles for the week). Got home and the flu hit! So this past week has been a write off. Only got a swim in on Monday night and then felt strong enough today only to do a ride and a run. This was supposed to be my largest volume week before my half iron man race on May 5th - and then 2 peak weeks would follow.

New plan is to repeat this past weeks high volume schedule in the coming week and then cut out a week of peak training before the half ironman. I am pretty relaxed about this change of events, glad it happened 3 weeks out and not closer to the race....

Biggest thing on my mind at the moment is whether or not I should get carbon wheels for the bike. Thoughts are welcome!

I have put a new page up on the blog - my full race schedule for 2013.

Ironman Finish Line - Go to clock time 13:16:19 to see me finish