Sunday, April 28, 2013

Thoughts a week before Bassman Half Ironman

Wrapping up my training in April and thinking of my race next weekend, I feel pretty calm that I am ready but also anxious about what the day will hold.

The last 2 weeks of training have been low volume but higher intensity, focussing on speed rather than endurance. It has been a lot of fun to ignore the heart rate monitor and just go flat out on the rides and runs.

I have tried to practice transitions as much as possible, although kids and other things seem to often slow things down there as well...

This coming week is a taper week. No doubt my anxiety levels will rise as I am not training as much and I am sure will start to get anxious as the day draws closer.

Bike is ready with new tubes and new tires. Swim is expected to be cold, so definitely a wetsuit session plus probably a hoodie to stop brain freeze. Biggest challenge is probably to stay warm, esp on the bike. I am a little undecided on how to handle. Will think this through closer to the race day.

So wish me luck and next post will follow the race :)

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