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New York City Half Marathon, March 17 2013

Fantastic race, really cold but well organized (you wouldnt have known there were 15,000 people running) and great route through central park, times square and then down to wall street..

On top of all of this I ran a pb of 1:42:20

Took a slowish start, really wanted to see how i felt in the first 2 miles after having just come back from Germany and also it was really cold that day (28 degrees). 

At mile 2, ran into a guy from my high school in Pretoria, South Africa, what are the chances? I didn't know him, but he was wearing the running singlet from the school and so we started chatting. Ran together for about 7 miles and really pushed each other along. His goal was to run 1:45, we lost each other at a water station around mile 9, i saw him ahead of me but never caught up with him, but it was good to have him as a rabbit to chase....

The last 2 miles were hard, my heart rate was hitting max and the legs were tired but i managed to find an extra gel which gave me the boost i needed and held the pace through the south street tunnel all the way to the finish line :)

Running through Times Square i dug my phone out and took this shot:

Official Race results:

What Athlinks has to say about it:

I finished nicely in the top third in my age group, gender and overall!!

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