Wednesday, July 24, 2013

June wrap up, just on one month to go.....

The irony of writing about June training at the end of July is not lost on me.... i think it reflects how busy life has become in the last few weeks with the heavy training schedule and a busy summer with family and work.

Over the last few weeks my weekly mileage has really picked up and been averaging around 140 miles a week, so an ironman a week.

Been through peaks and lows, times where my body was utterly exhausted and times where i felt super strong. The hardest days have been during the regular week where early morning 3 to 4 hour sessions are followed by a full day at work. With the right nutrition, early bed times and recovery drinks I feel like I have been doing well. The end of this coming week will see the end of my volume training and the taper / speed sessions will start. 

Here is a snap shot of my June training:

What is the optimal # of bikes? Apparently one more that you currently have... so the Cervelo was recently joined by a Trek Madone road bike. I found the Cervelo, while fast, was difficult to navigate through busy town roads and on group rides. The Trek is amazing and I am really enjoying riding, esp on the climbs where there is a big difference to the Cervelo. That said, nothing beats the Cervelo on the flats and downhill.

I've become an early morning person now, waking up at 5am without an alarm clock. Nothing better than watching the sun rise while getting ready for a bike ride and swim. The photo below is of the group I have joined swimming off West Neck Beach. Great bunch of people who are very welcoming and allow hacks like me to drag along after them on their long swims. I've done about 10 open water swims now and am feeling a lot more confident on the long hauls.

Compression leggings are a complete lifesaver, I have been living in these guys, they work wonders for recovery!

Did the Gold Coast Century ride 2 weeks ago, started with a bunch of friends from work. We have the beginnings of a bike club forming there, lots of people interested and hopefully will keep the momentum going.

Corny but catchy, I saw it recently while surfing FB and it struck home. Just have to keep on going....

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